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State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) for California for 2014 - 2016

Part II: Narrative: Section 8 - State-Imposed Requirements

8: State-Imposed Requirements

Identify any State-imposed requirements contained in the provisions of this SPIL.

California Welfare and Institutions Code Section 19806 provides a formula for a base amount of funding for the ILCs, plus additional resources based on population and fundraising incentives. The funding is paid out of Social Security reimbursements.

Operations of the SILC are constricted by state regulations governing the operations of state agencies including reports required, accounting practices, procurement rules, personnel policies, and travel reimbursement.

The State of California may be unable to pass through federal funding in the event of cash shortages.

California has over 380 Boards, Commissions, and Councils to which the Governor appoints members. California Government Code 1302 states - Every officer whose term has expired shall continue to discharge the duties of his office until his successor has qualified. Reminders about the Rehabilitation Act limitations on terms have helped California secure appointments more quickly, and it is still a difficult process to negotiate. Both DOR and the SILC understand that this state requirement is superseded by the Federal requirement in section 705(b)(6) that SILC members serve for a term of 3 years and can serve for no more than two consecutive terms. A SILC member’s seat is considered vacant after his or her term limits expire, regardless whether a successor has been appointed yet.

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