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State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) for California for 2014 - 2016

Part II: Narrative: Section 4 - Designated State Unit (DSU)

4.1 Administrative Support Services

4.1A:Describe the administrative support services to be provided by the DSU for the SILS (Part B) program and, if the State is a Section 723 State, for the CIL (Part C) program.

Refer to the SPIL Instructions for additional information about administrative support services.

California does not have any Part B funded CILs and the state is not a Section 723 state.

The DSU provides the following administrative support services to all 28 California ILCs that administer 49 Title VII Part C grants and Title VII Part B sub-grantees:

  • Carries out the portions of the State Plan relating to enhancement of services and programs.
  • Awards Title VII B funds via competitive grants and contracts.
  • Awards funds for technical assistance and training to Title VII B and Title VII C grantees.
  • Provides direct technical assistance and training to grantees.
  • Issues advance payments as established in state law.
  • Processes claims for reimbursement under all grants and contracts.
  • Monitors all grants and contracts.
  • Conducts reviews, on a cycle of approximately seven years, to assure ILCs' compliance with Section 725 of the Rehabilitation Act, as amended, as well as other state and federal statutes and regulations.

4.1B: Describe other DSU arrangements for the administration of the IL program, if any.

The DSU (DOR) is integrally involved in California's various efforts to implement the Supreme Court's Olmstead decision. These activities further the purposes of the State Plan as well as California state law, which provides that the purpose of independent living centers is to assist persons with disabilities " live fuller and freer lives outside institutions."

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